Plate boundries

summary of each plate boundry, collusion, conservative, destructive, constructive

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This is were two continental plates move together.

They can form fold mountain ranges like the Alps

They can cause earthquakes but NOT volcanoes.

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When two plates slide past each other

these plates can get stuck on each other causing a buildup of pressure

this pressure becomes too great and is suddenly released causing an earthquake

no volcanoes occur here

no land is created or destroyed

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when a oceanic plate and a continental plate move together.

the oceanic plate is denser so it is pushed underneath the continental plate forming a subdution zone

the oceanic plate i melted by friction between the two plates and this forms a magma chamber.

The magma can rise through cracks in the plate to form volcanoes.

the continental crust is compressed to form composite cone volcanoes and fold mountains

earthquakes also occur

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These plates move apart.

they create new land:

  • as they move apart magma rises up through the gap created
  • this cools to form new land when it reaches the surface
  • they can form sheild volcanoes, and mid ocean ridges like the mid atlantic ridge

volcanoes and earthquakes happen here

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