Restless Earth

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Conservative plate boundry

Where? San Andreas Fault, California USA.

What? The pacific plate slides faster than the North American plate, giving the impression of the plates moving in different directons.

Hazards: Earth tremors almost daily and sometimes earthquakes that can be up to magnitude 8.5


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Destructive plate boundry

Where? Andes mountaines in Peru nand Chile, South America.

What? Oceanic and continental crusts move together. When they collide the oceanic plate gets pushed underneath the continental as it is denser. As it gets pushed underneath it melts which can cause gasses to become trapped.

Hazards:  Very destructive earthquakes up to magnitude 9.5, tsunamis and very explosive stratovolcanos.

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Collision zone

Where? Himalayas

What? Indian and Eurasion plates push into each other, as they collide they are pushed upwards as they have the same density.

Hazards: Destructive earthquakes up to magnitude 9, which can also trigger landslides. Volcanoes are rare.

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