Plastics-Manufacturing techniques

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Line Bending

When a heating device heats the material along the line where you want to bend it, the device heats up a metal line then when the plastic is hot you can bend it to a specific angle. Ideal for- making picture fames, pencil holders etc.. Acrylic sheets are usually used for this.

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Vacuum Forming

the vacuum sucks out all the air and sucks a sheet of heated thermoplastic onto the product, so the sheet is moulded into its shape. Used for- yogart pots, casing, containers.

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Blow Moulding

it uses a two part mould, to make simple hollow objects like containers for liquids. 1. There is a mould with the plastic/glass placed inside it 2.Aim is blowed into the material so it blows out to fit the mould 3. You take the mould off and the material is shaped

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It is ideal for making simple, regular shaped items like guttering, drain pipes etc.. Which can be cut to a suitable length. There are plastic granules funneld into a mould which is placed in a heater, so the plastic melts into shape, then it is also died.

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Injection Moulding

Plastic granules are poured into a funnel which leads to a mould in a heater so the plastic heats up then while heated gets injected into a mould. This is for making more detailed and complex components like model kits, seats, and film canisters

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