Physics calculations gcse

each calculation needed for gcse physics :)

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key equations

work done =  distance x force           (J = M x N)

force = mass x accerleration             (N = Kg x m/s(squared))

speed = distance / time                     (m/s = m / s)

power = work done / time                  (w = j / s)

weight = mass x gravitational field strength            (N = Kg x N/Kg)

kinetic energy = 0.5 x mass x velocity (squared)    (J = 0.5 x Kg x m/s)

Accerleration = change in velocity / time                (m/s(squared) = m/s / s)

momentum = mass x velocity            (Kgm/s = Kg x m/s

stopping distance = thinking distance + breaking distance

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electricity equations

current = charge / time              (A = C / S)

Resistance = potential difference / current         (r = V / A)

Momentum before = momentum after

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Easy to read and understand, well laid out. Great stuff! 

Good for most exam boards, but links directly to the equaitions in AQA GCSE Additional Science.

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