Physical Life Quality Factors

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  • Most people feel better after it
  • Has long term health benefits
  • Some people have restricted spportunities for taking exercise
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  • People need a balanced diet
  • Varied and appetising food also contributes to a good quality life
  • If energy intake exceeeds energy use, it can be harmful to the quality of life
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Physical Safety and Hygiene

  • Physical Safety - Absence of serious risk of injury
  • Hygiene - Absence of serious risk of infection
  • Care staff need to take precautions to reduce the risk of injury and infection to clients
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Physical Comfort

  • Absence of excessive cold, heat, or unpleasent stimulation
  • Important for people who can't control their own environment
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Freedom From Pain

  • Pain can be a result of a health condition
  • Frequent or continuous pain can reduce life quality
  • Effective care requires techniques of pain relief or pain management
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