Unit 1

Quality Care is about how people are treated within care takng into acount PIES (Physical factors, Intellectual factors, Emotional factors, Socail factors)


Factors effecting Quality of Life: Physical Factor

Exercise- is the individual taking part in regular exercise

Diet- does the individual have a healthy balanced diet eating the right foods with vitamins and minerals or an unhealthy diet eeating fatty foods.

Physical Comfort and Safety- do they feel safe whithin the envoronment, are staff at a care setting properly trained and qualified to work there.

Hygeine- does the individual regularly was and have clean bedding and clothing.

Pain Relief- when the individual is in pain are they given pain releif to help cope with it.

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Factors effecting Quality of Life: Intellectual Fa

Stimulation- is the individual being stimulated throughout the day by doing activities that will benefit them mentally stimulating their brain.

Engaging in Activities- is the individual taking part in activities.

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Factors effecting Quality of Life: Emotional Facto

Privacy- does the individual have privacy when in a care seting. are they given privacy to do things such as going to the toilet and getting dressed.

Dignity- is an individual in a care setting being treated with dignity. if being helped to the toilet is this done discreatly by closing doors and also asking in a low voice so that only the individual or carer can hear.

Autonomy- is the individual able to do what they would like to do.

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Factors effecting Quality of Care:Social Factors

Social Contact and Support- is the individual being given support and aloud contact with people.

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