physical education CONTEMP- concepts

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Play is…Spontaneous,Voluntary,Fun,Non-serious,Creative,Childlike,Intrinsically valuable,Enjoyable,Satisfying.

VALUES OF PLAY/Charateristics

SOCIAL- e.g. making friends/Co-operating

ENVIRONMENTAL-e.g. safety/caring for nature

COGNITIVE-e.g. making up games/rules

MORAL-e.g. bring kind,not cheating

PHYSICAL-e.g. jumping/hopping/health and fitness

CHILDREN: play to enter the world of reality

ADULTS: play to escape reality/relieve stress

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Sport for All: Everyone is encouraged and has the opportunity to take part in sport irrespective of any social or cultural differences Sport is…Rule based,competative(winners and loosers), A commitment (effort, physical endeavour, dedication)Skilful (physical prowess, actics, igh standards)Intrinsic (satisfaction)Extrinsic (employment, outcome, money)Sportsmanship,(fairplay, etiquette)

Highly organised (fixed boundaries, purpose built facilities, governing bodies, leagues)

AMATEURS- Taking part is more important than winning. V PROFESSIONALS- Sport is their job. Taking part for money.

FUNCTIONAL- Sport played in the spirit of the game. no rule breaking V DYSFUNCTIONAL Rules are broken on purpose. Aggressive behaviour.

SPORTSMANSHIP Fairplay, respect, good behaviour, good etiquette. V GAMESMANSHIP Gaining unfair advantage without actually breaking rules, e.g.time wasting

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Physical Education

“The formal inculcation of knowledge and values through physical activity experiences”

PE in Schools:

1)Set curriculum (compulsory in lesson time)

2)Extra-curricular sport clubs & teams

3)Recreational activities (in non-curriculum time, e.g. break time)

Knowledge gained from PE:

-Aspects of fitness -Mental/tactics/strategies -Motor/physical skills/techniques -Organisation of sport/rules -Preparation for work/ career/defence/ physical recreation

Values of PE

preparation- active leisure of carrer Physical- health and fitness, improve motor skills personal- personal and social skills Qualitative, improve quality of life

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"Learning in and about the outdoors”

Outdoor Education has the same knowledge and values as Physical Education but it is done in the natural environment to develop educational values. Therefore there needs to be an etiquette about safety……


Predominantly under the control of the participant by use of correct equipment - beginners


Events over which participants Have no control such as Flash floods or an Avalanche – committed experts

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Physical / outdoor recreation

Physical Recreation:

Active leisure Immediate pleasure/enjoyment Spare time/casual Choice/freedom No pressure/cheating Taking part is more important than winning Relaxing/refreshing High skill/fitness not necessary

Outdoor Recreation:

Challenge in the natural environment Recreative not competitive Appreciate beauty of the outdoors Respect for the environment


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LEISURE UMBRELLA: Sport, recreation & play are carried out in leisure time & PE has the potential to ‘educate for leisure.’


Choice,Opportunity, In free time, socializing, Creative , Provides escapism,Involves self discovery


1.An activity done atwill – free from family/work/ social obligation

2. Not all leisure activities involvephysical activities, e.g. watching TV

3. Upper class areseen as havingthe right to leisure time

4. Leisure is an experience as well as an activity

5. Active leisure =Health/ fitness

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