Philosophy of Religion - Greek influence on Philosophy Aristotle

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Aristotle's Four Causes

  • The Material Cause-The Material Cause is the matter or substance that something is made from (e.g book is made from paper). the matter that the book is made from is paper
  • The Formal Cause-It refers to what gives the matter "form" or "structure" A book is not just any old paper its pieces of paper arranges in a particular way. It is  the idea or plan hat le to the creation of the object.
  • The Efficient Cause- The agent or cause of the thing coming to exist as it is, the existence of a book is brought about by the author who makes it. The author is the efficient cause.
  • The Final Cause:Most important as i describes what the object is for, what its telos or purpose is. e.g a book is made for you to read.
  • e.g. House
    • MC- house is made of bricks, cement, glass, wood.(things that the house is made of)
    • EC- Process of the house being built, includes builder digging... (things that caused it to be built)
    • FC- architects plan/design
    • THE FC- to be lived in (The final cause is telological it is concerned with the goal/purpose/telosof the object)
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