Reliability of Roman Sources

Contains the reliability of the Roman sources and key to getting a perfect 30 marks answer.

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  • Reliability of Sources
    • Juvenal
      • Writes satires (smutty and political)
    • Pliny the Younger
      • Noble and decent, likes people and likes to write a lot.
      • Wrote his letters with the intention to publish
    • Plutarch
      • Wrote as a way of inspiring people to live more moral lives
    • Livy
      • Writing style influenced by Cicero and Latin poetry
    • Catullus
      • Just included him to show how having cheek and ideals allowed him to be so rude.
    • Martial
      • Martial is unsurpassed for wit, elegance and scurrilous writing
    • Saullust
      • Despite Sallust's knowledge of the facts from personal experience and contemporary records, the work is more notable for brilliant speeches and character sketches
      • Perhaps more accurate because of his intentions to document the decline of the Republic- but watch out that his exciting writing and character sketches do not border on exaggeration
    • Cicero
      • Watch out for this guy!
      • Before accepting as true Cicero's portrait of Clodia, one must remember that at one time the orator had thought of divorcing his wife in order to marry her.
      • He wants to win the case at any cost so he will rant and carry on with his wonderful rhetorical speeches- although we are pretty sure that Clodia was quite naughty!
      • Writes with power, elegance, rhetoric and goes way over the top!


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