76 - 75BC Cicero's Quaestorship

Cicero's time as quaestor in Sicily

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Quaestorship And Sicily

Sicilian farmer had been texed with duty of providing a share of harvest to Roman authorities.

Sicily aquired reputation as 'nation's storehouse'.

Year Cicero entered office there were shortages of grain supply in Rome, this meant increasing demand for farmer to raise supply to Rome - not a popular idea.

There wasn't a civil serivce to collect tax. It was private companies who often charged extrortinate rates and bullied their way into more money. The Roman magistrate either ignored or participated in schemes.

Cicero became most popular quaestor because of fairness and evident care, also had an eye for justice. Cicero also showed genuine joy at small things that meant a lot to the Sicilians, like discovering tomb of scientist.

However, there are little sources that tell us about Cicero's time as quaestor.

The job itself involoved financial administration, support for senior politicians and automatic membership to the senate.

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Importance Of Quaestorship

Created personal support - compensated for status of Novus Homo.

Important Sicilians who were protected by partronage of noble Roman familias or military gynasts offered access to inner core of Roman elite.

Cicero made efforts to support Roman buisnessmen who settled in the area. They formed large parts of Equites who were useful supporters to expand oratory career.

In farewell speech Cicero promised to serve as patron of Sicilian people if they were ever in need of an advocate.

Undertook many cases and practised oratory.

Learnt value of being seen in Rome everyday. Cicero learnt through humiliation that people soon forget about you. Everyone was talking about Pompet and Crassus.

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