P.E- bones

Pelvis- The pelvis is in the hip.

Femur- The Femur is in the thigh.

Scapula- The scapula is on the back of the shoulders.

Patella- The patella protects the knee cap.

Sternum- The sternum is in the centre of the ribs, also protects heart and lungs.

Radius- the Radium is attached to the thumg.

Clavical- The cavical is the collar bone, front of body.

Ribs-  The ribs is the chest- protecting ehart and lungs too.

cranium- the cranium is the skull protecting the brain.

humerous- The humerous is the top of the arm.

Tibia- The tibia is the shin.

Ulna- The ulna is the lower arm- not attached to the thumb.

Fibula- The fibula is the back of the shin bone.

Vertabrae- The vertabrae is the back bone.

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