Chapter 5 Hellenica- Patroclus

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Lines 1-73

  • Achilles remained deaf to all appeals
  • Patroclus, Achilles best friend, was really sad and was crying
  • Achillies said that he was like a little child running to his mother
  • He wept for the Greeks and their strongest warriors
  • He said he would go in and fight in Achilles place
  • He accepted and said that he must regain his glory, but must not fight so that he will steal all of his glory
  • The battle went on and Zeus willed victory for the Trojans
  • Patroclus fixed on his armour and gave a speech to all the Myrmidons and inspired them
  • Achillies went into his tent and cleaned his cup of offerings and gave a cup of wine
  • He prayed that Patroclus would be victorious and return home unscaved
  • Part of this Zeus granted, but part he did not...
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Lines 74-End

  • Patroclus hurled his spear and killed lots of Trojans
  • He drove most of them away
  • Pursued them still, although there was no threat
  • Patroclus killed Cebriones, Hectors chariot driver
  • To get revenge, Euphorbus, the best Trojan spear man, snuck through the melee and went to stab Patroclus, and killed him.
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