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Materials and Technical Terms Connected With Greek Architecture

Materials Used For Building Temples

Iron: Used as clamps to fit blocks into place
Durable material

Lead: Molten lead used to fix clamps into upper surfaces of blocks

Limestone: One of the chief temple building materials
Cheaper to use than marble

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Construction Of Temples

Laborious process (by sea/wagon)
Oxen/mules used to haul stone to building site from quarry
Marble had to be transported if the destination was on the mainland as the marble quarries were on
Mt Pentelikon and so it would have to be transported by sea and the…

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The Peripteral Temple

Definition: a temple with external colonnades all around, peristyle and sometimes inside (for

-Plan comes from that of a traditional Mycenaean house, a rectangular hall with front porch
supported by columns
-Wood ceiling as in all Greek temples
-Two tiered columns in interior
-External colonnade forms…

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Ionic Order

-The temple was more elaborately designed and decorated than Doric temples
-Ionic temples had a frieze
-Architrave was divided into 3 strips
-Ionic temples had a shallower pediment
-Entablature was divided into the frieze, the architrave and the cornice

Ionic Columns
-The column shafts were thinner and taller…

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The Doric Order

-Predominant temple type in Greece
-Frieze had a band of alternating metopes/triglyphs
-Plain architrave
-Temple has a very simple and basic appearance
however is very sturdy and robust

Doric Columns
-Columns shorter and wider than Ionic columns
-No bases on columns and they had very simple…


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