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The Parthenon

About the Parthenon
-A largely Doric temple with some ionic elements such as the frieze and the ionic columns in the
-Foundations were made of limestone but h temple itself was fully made out of Pentelic marble-very
-Mounted on the Acropolis and arranged according to the…

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Parts Of the Parthenon

West End
-Back of temple but first side seen n ascending the Acropolis
-Devoted on all levels to the Athenians

West Pediment-shows Athena and Poseidon disputing which of them should become
of the city
-significant as Athena wins and becomes patron of Athens


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North End

North Frieze
-Quickening of pace of the procession compared to the south side
-Massed cavalcades thunder along the frieze, hooves pounding
-Depth achieved by horses in serried ranks overlapping each other

-Showed episode from the Fall of troy, the mighty city of the Persians, which had been…

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