Achillies and Agamemnon

Chapter 4 Hellenica

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Lines 1-41

  • Apollo sent a plague on Agamemnon's army
  • Because he treated Chryses with insensitivity and discourtesy
  • Chryses' daughter was captured
  • He came to Greek camp with full ransom
  • The army was happy to give her back and applauded
  • Agamemnon said 'Don't let me see you in our camp or your crown and staff won't preserve your life'
  • Went away and prayed to Apollo
  • Apollo heard and came down in anger
  • He killed Greek soldiers with arrows
  • For nine days they suffered
  • Hera told Achilles to call a counsel of kings and chieftains
  • He told Agamemnon to consult a prophet...
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Lines 42-126

  • The prophet Calchas stood up
  • Asked Achilles for protection
  • He accepted
  • He said 'Apollo is angry with us. You must return Chryses daughter to him'
  • Agamemnon said that she would be restored, but wanted compensation
  • Achilles said he was greedy and he would get 3 or 4 times what he'd lost
  • Agamemnon laid out terms; He must get equal value of what he gave up
  • If he didn't, he'd get it himself
  • Achilles said he didn't have any shame
  • Athena appeared and said 'Don't kill him,because soon he will rely on you.'
  • Agamemnon called Achilles a drunken brute and that he didn't have the courage to fight
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Lines 127-End

  • Nestor said that Priam would be laughing if he saw
  • He said only the Trojans could benefit from this quarrel
  • Agamemnon said that Achilles had no authority, or respect
  • Achilles said he would not resist if Agamemnon touched anything of his, especially Briseis
  • He took back Chryses' daughter
  • While he was gone, Agamemnon stole Briseis
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