OSI Model

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OSI Model

  • Consists of abstact basic model of networking and a set of specific protocols
  • Consists of Seven Layers
  • Each layer deals with specific functionaility 
  • Each layer interacts directly only with the layer immediately beneath it and provides facilities for use by the layer above
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OSI Model- Application Layer

  • Provides application support
  • Defines the way in whcih the applications interct with the user
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OSI Model Presentation

  • Data conversion, compression and encryption
  • Defines the way data is represented
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OSI Model- Session

  • Sharing of a network connection between networked computers
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OSI Model- Network

  • Movement of data across network
  • Routes data to different LANs and WANs
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OSI Model- Data Link

  • Supervises transmission of data confirming using checksums, echnochecking (The Data link will hold the duplicate data if retransmision is required)
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OSI Model- Physical

  • This is about the physical as[ects of the network
  • The hardware used for network transmission e.g. Network Cards and Cabling
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