Of Mice and Men - Key points to revise

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  • Of Mice and Men
    • Context: Set during the Great Depression when the Stock Market crashed - lots of people out of work and there was also a terrible drought
      • Steinbeck: Was concerned by lives of poor people but lots of his books were banned in USA
    • Structure: Simple chronological novel - there are no flashbacks making it simple to understand.
      • Form: This is related through dialogue making it more realistic - would work well as a radio play
      • Title: Links to a poem of same name by Robert Burns and that the best laid plans are often ruined by mice and men.
    • Dialogue: Dialogue used is colloquial (everyday type of speaking) - makes it realistic
      • Sounds: Background noise used like Laughing and Shouting
    • Humour: Limited use of humour - most humour comes from Lennie and what he says - keeps book realistic and not all grim.
      • Imagery: Images of light are used again and again throughout novel.
        • Themes: Dreams and Plans Friendship and Loneliness and Power


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