OCR AS Psychology: Core Studies - Rosenhan (5)

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Rosenhan (5)

Explanation of Results:Rosenhan claims the study demonstrates that psychiatrists can't reliably tell the difference between people who are sane and those who are insane. The main study illustrated a failure to detect sanity, and the secondary study demonstrated a failure to detect insanity.

Type 1 Error: Diagnosing a mentally ill person as healthy; Type 2 Error: Diagnosing a healthy person as mentally ill.

The "Stickiness of Psychodiagnostic labels": Rosenhan explains that psyhciatric labels tend to 'stick' in a way that medical labels don't and that everything a patient does is interpreted in accordance with the diagnostic label once it's been applied. He suggested instead of labelling a person as insane we should focus on the indiviuals' specific problems and behaviours.

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