OCR A2 Geology - Metal Ores

A set of revision cards that go through Metal ores, and the mettalic minerals found within each one.


Metal Ores - Basic definitions

Ore: The rock contaning valuble metal(s) that is economic to mine.

Ore Mineral: Mineral contaning valuble metal(s)

Gangue Mineral: Low - value waste mineral.

Grade: The amount of metal in the ore

Cut off grade: Minimum Grade that is economic to mine

Natural Resource: Valuble and useful natural material.

Mineral Resource: Metallic, Non- metallic or industrial minerals.

Reserves: The amount of resource that can be extracted at a profit using existing technology.

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Ore Deposit: Accumulation of metal that may be economic to mine

Average Crustal Abundance: The amount of metal in average continental crust.

Concentration factor: The amount by which the metal is concentrated to make an ore deposit.

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Ore Mineral: Chalcopyrite

Formula: CuFeS₂

Colour: Brassy

Hardness: 3.5 - 4

Density: 4.2 g/cm³


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Ore Mineral: Gold

Formula: Au

Colour: Yellow

Hardness: 3

Density: 19.3 g/cm³


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