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Act 1 Summary

  • Sephy and Callum share first kiss as friends on Hadley private beach
  • Callum starts school at Sephy's school Heathcroft - a riot on the first day makes Sephy call the mob's behaviour like "blankers" in desperation
  • Sephy sits on Nought lunch table with Callum, but is dragged off by Headteacher Mr Corsa
  • Sephy gets assaulted by three Cross bullies, Lola, Dionne and Joanne, in the toilets for sitting with the Noughts and has bedrest for the injuries
  • Jude and Lynette get into a fight because Lynette believes she's a Cross and it's revealed Lynny and her old BF Jed were attacked on the streets and was left for dead
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Act 1 Summary

  • Callum and Lynny have a conversation about their futures, but then Lynnete goes out and has an "accident" (later revealed suicide)
  • Sephy goes to Lynny's wake and is thrown out
  • The McGregors have a family argument and we learn both Ryan and Jude are in the Liberation Militia.
  • Sephy is dragged to the shopping centre by her mother, Callum finds her and makes her escape just before the bomb goes off
  • It is revealed that the LM were behind the attack and Meggie kicks both Ryan and Jude out
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  • Persephone Mira Hadley, daughter of Kamal Hadley, Deputy PM, and Jasmine Hadley. Has an older sister, Minerva
  • Very rich and of high social status but is best friends (later a lot more) with a Nought, Callum, which brings disgrace to her family name
  • Can be very naive, especially compared to Callum
  • Optimistic and believes Noughts and Crosses will one day live harmoniously and without problems
  • Tries to understand the problems Callum faces in his daily life but struggles as she's never had to think in the same way
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  • Callum Ryan McGregor, son of Meggie and Ryan McGregor. Has older siblings, Jude and Lynette
  • Has struggled a lot from being a Nought but is very intelligent and streetsmart
  • Optimistic and believes fighting isn't needed for peace
  • Gets annoyed by Sephy easily as she can't understand his problems, but she's his best friend
  • Has to live in constant fear of money problems, family arguments and the L.M. 
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  • Meggie used to work as nanny for Hadleys (Cal and Sephy grew up together)
  • Meggie didn't cover the alibi for Jasmine and was fired
  • Jude had to leave school because of lack of money
  • Jude is a member of L.M. with Ryan
  • Lynette has a mental illness after being assaulted for having a Cross boyfriend and lives in her own world
  • Jude and Cal don't get on because of opposing views, different opportunities and different emotions
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  • Kamal constantly on TV and the others have to pretend to be a perfect politician's family
  • Kamal and Jasmine fell out of love and are never in the same house
  • Minerva and Sephy don't always get on, but deep down love each other
  • Jasmine is a less-than-perfect mother and her children suffer from this
  • Kamal doesn't care much for his family - they just help his position as a politician
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