queen of hearts

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  • the queen of hearts
    • tyrant, violent, authoritative and dominant
    • the queens of hearts is constantly ordering the beading of people when something isn't to her liking
      • feared by the whole of wonderlands inhabitants
    • lack of impatience and explosive character
    • high statues
      • vocal
        • articulated my words
        • enunciation to emphasis my authority
        • exaggerated upper class accent
          • 'who stole my tarts' the 'o vowel sounds was elongated, the stole who pronounced like hole and instead of merging the 'rt' in tarts i pronounced this word as if it contained two syllables;'tar' 'ts'
          • children laughed at this voice
      • physical
        • strong posture
          • shoulders back
          • help my head high
          • to give the impressions that i felt i was socially above all the other characters
      • stood on a black that was carried on by someone else
        • to portray my domination
    • even though the queen is a tyrant character i       wanted to create a non-frightening manner
      • i exaggerated my     physical and vocal   skills to make the audience laugh at my mean mannor
    • entered and said: i am very very very very very very very very cross'
      • high pitch, increasing emphasis and volume on each very
      • shock my head uncontrollably
      • actors playing the pack of cards were laughing at me behind my back, this made the audience also laugh at my character
      • my acting skill was OTT and non naturalistic. my performance became fill which made the audience feel it was safe to laugh
    • exaggerated physical skills
      • impatiance
        • 'im waiting for an answer'
        • crossing my arms and stomping my foot
    • believable chracterisation
      • based it on a teacher of mine who is notorious for having a high pitch voice
        • she is quite a scary person but her pitch makes it hard not to laugh and makes her seem less frightening


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