social policy evaluation

evaluation of social policy theories

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The Family and Social Policy
This perspective assumes that there is a `march of progress' with policies
making family life better ­ policies can actually reverse progress by cutting
welfare benefits and making the poor even poorer
Criticism of: March of progress
Criticism from: New Right
This perspective wrongly assumes the patriarchal nuclear family is natural
when in fact it is socially constructed to benefit men
Criticism of: New right & Functionalist
Criticism from: Feminism
This perspective assumes all family members benefit from social policies
Criticism of: Functionalists
Criticism from: Feminism & Marxism
This perspective is wrong for assuming that all policies are directed at
maintaining patriarchy e.g. equal pay and sex discrimination laws, benefits for
lone parents, refuges for women escaping domestic violence and equal rights
to divorce!
Criticism of: Feminism
Criticism from: Postmodernism
Donzelot fails to identify clearly who benefits from such policies of
surveillance ­ e.g. some benefit the capitalist class whilst others argue that
the main beneficiaries are men
Criticism of: Donzelot
Criticism from: Structuralist sociologists
It would be wrong to assume that policies which support family equality
create more consensus in society and a `March of progress' towards gender
equality e.g. publicly funded childcare doesn't come cheap and there are
conflicts about who should benefit from such policies and who should pay
for them
Criticism of: Functionalism & March of Progress
Criticism from: Feminism


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