Nazis Methods of Control

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Nazi Propaganda

Propaganda aims to control how people think.

  • Spreading information that influences how people think & behave
  • Certain points of view- leaves out important facts
  • Gain support of German people

Goebbels took charge of Nazi Propaganda.

  • Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda- founded 1933- led by Dr Joseph Goebbels
  • Had departments for all the arts- artists etc had to register to get work approved
  • Persuaded Nazis were right
  • Stopped people reading & hearing anything that gave a different message
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Nazi Propaganda

The Nazis used Propaganda as a method of control.

  • Encouraged people to hate countries who signed the Treaty of Versailles
  • Said Jews and communists were the cause of problems
  • Used to unite Germans & make them believe the Nazis would make Germany great
  • Took simple ideas & repeated them
  • People- easier to persuade- depression had left them in poverty- they were promised help

Nazis used the media as a tool of Propaganda.

  • Controlled the media 
  • Controlled content of newspapers & broadcasts- sold cheap radios
  • Films- showed strength of Hitler & weakness of opponents
  • Important German director- Leni Rienfenstahl
  • Posters- showed evil of Germany's enemies & power of Hitler

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Nazi Propaganda

Other forms of Propaganda were used.

  • Public rallies- annual Nuremburg Rallies focused on speeches by leading Nazis
  • 1 million + attended the 1936 rally
  • Displays of lights & flags to greet- made Hitler look powerful
  • Nazis power- shown through art & architecture- grand new buildings appeared in Nuremburg & Berlin
  • 1936 Berlin Olympics- show off German wealth & power
  • Hitler was angered when Jesse Owen won 4 gold medals (african american)

Hitler was portrayed as the Saviour of Germany.

  • Gobbels created- Hitler Myth- make him seem like God & saviour
  • Cult of the Fuhrer
  • Slogan: 'One people, one empire, one leader'
  • Purpose of rallies- increase loyalty to Hitler
  • Many Germans devoted their lives to Hitler
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Nazi Propaganda

Propaganda had major effects on Society and Culture.

  • Tried to control every aspect of life- inluding religion
  • Priests who disagreed- went to concentration camps
  • School textbooks- made Germans look successful- children taught to believe in German doctrines
  • 'Strength through joy' progranme- show workers Nazis cared about conditions
  • Promised empire would last 1000 years- based on traditional values
  • Modern art- banned in favour- realistic paintings that fit Nazis ideology 
  • Modern art- labelled degenerate & exhibitions- showed people how bad it was
  • Nazis celebrated- German composers- Wagner
  • Modern classical music & works by jewish composers & jazz- attacked

Society seemed different to that of the Weimar Republic.

  • Weimar republc- disappointed old fashioned Germans- standards had slipped- welcomed Nazis
  • More freedom under Weimar- Nazis-harmful- keep tight control 
  • Nazis promises gave workers & business hope after depression
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Censorship and Suppression

The Nazis set up a Totalitarian state.

  • TS- government had complete control
  • After weakening opposition- enabling act 1933- unlimited power to pass laws
  • July 1933- other political parties were banned
  • Law for Reconstruction of the Reich- Nazis total power over state governments 

Germany became a police state.

  • ** began as bodyguard for Hitler- feared for cruelty
  • Expanded under Himmler leadership (1930s)
  • Himmler in charge- secret police called the Gestapo
  • After 1933- concentration camps spread- hold political prisoners and dangers to Nazis
  • Some were later turned to death camps
  • Local wardens employed- ensure civilian loyalty
  • People- encouraged to report disloyalty- many arrested as a result by Gestapo
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Censorship and Suppression

Censorship helped to stifle opposition.

  • 25000+ books were burned- single night 1933
  • Only favourable news was allowed- Ministry of Public Enlightenment
  • Jews- forbidden to own or publish newspapers- could be executed for publishing anti Nazis work

Hitler attacked all groups that might oppose the Nazis.

  • 1934- Night of the Long Knives- killed rival leaders- Ernst Rohm (leader of SA)
  • Tried to control churches- some members were sent to concentration camps
  • 1933- trade unions were banned
  • German Labour Front introduced- include workers & employers- strikes were illegal

The Nazis used concentration camps to removed anyone they did not like uncluding disabled people, homosexual, Jews and communist. Some of these became extermination camps.

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