Nazi Propaganda

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  • Nazi Propaganda
    • Aims to control
      • Spreading Information that influences how people think and behave- shaping peoples minds
      • It only gives certain points of view- often leaves out important facts
      • Nazis used powerful propaganda designed to get support of the german people
    • Goebbels took charge
      • 1933- founded the minisrty of public Enlightenment and propaganda
      • Persuaded that nazis were right- stopped people reading/hearing that gave different message
    • Method of control
      • Encouraged the german people to hate countries that signed the treaty of versailles
      • nazi propaganda was to unite- would make Germany strong
      • Nazi took simple ideas repeated them
    • used media
      • nazi voice in homes ( radios)
      • Posters showing evil of germanys enemies
    • public rallies to spread their propaganda
    • Sporting events- 1936 Berlin Olympics used to show off German wealth and power
    • School textbooks were re-written to make Germans look successful
      • Some priests who disagreed with the nazis got sent to concentration camps
    • Modern art was banned


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