The Media and Nazi Propaganda

The Media and Nazi Propaganda

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The Media and Nazi Propaganda

  • The most important propaganda method was the control of the media  as the Nazis controlled it strictly
  • No books could be published without Goebbels permission and in 1933 he organised a high profile burning of books that contained ideas against those of the Nazis
  • Artists were also restricted - only approved artists could show their works and these were usually works of heroic-looking Aryans and military figures
  • He also had control over the newspapers and they could not print any anti Nazis ideas
  • Jewish writers and journalists found themselves out of work and there newspapers were closed down so newspapers became very dull and few were bought
  • Cinemas too were closely controlled and all films had to carry an pro-Nazi message. Newsreels played before the films were of the greatness of Hitler and the achievements of the Nazis 
  • Posters were plastered around Germany proclaiming the success of Hitler and the Nazis and attacking there opponents  
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The Media and Propaganda

  • Goebbels banned jazz music because it was 'black' (the 'black' people were an inferior race) and jazz had been popular in Germany
  • Goebbels loved new technology and soon saw the potential of spreading the Nazi message by radio
  • So he made radios cheap and controlled the radio stations
  • In case people didn't have a radio he placed loud speakers in the streets which projected Hitlers speeches and were repeated often so the ideas expressed in them became believed by the people eg. Jews were inferior
  • Goebbels was supported in his work by the ** and Gestapo who would do the work for him if he wanted to close down a newspaper of punish someone for listening to a foreign radio station
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