Natural Law


Natural Law: Weaknesses

  • The inflexibility is unhelpful as there are always exceptions to the rule 
  • If applied rigidly injustices arise e.g. no IVF ever? No divorce ever? 
  • We should take consequences into consideration as in reality that is how we judge others and ourselves
  • It might be wrong to base our actions on reason as some people have obviously more limited practical reason than others
  • The theory is based on the belief that we are naturally inclined to do good. Whereas other Christian beliefs teach we are sinful- therefore following our nature may lead to sin
  • It is wrong to conclude that the world is as God intended and is therefore a point of reference for what is good as the world is always changing if you believe in evolution etc.
  • The universe may not have a purpose
  • No purpose then there are no grounds for right or wrong
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