Religious language

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  • Indicates a fictional untrue story.
  • For religious believers, a myth communicates a worldview - a set of values and beliefs and cover responses to ultimate questions about life. The importance of myths is that they communciate truths and values of society.

Peter Vardy The same ideas and values are communicated in myths from all sorts of different cultures around the world. Creation myths, virgin births and great floods are found in many other cultures.

For Christians today, myths communicate the values of Christianity as well as the response of Christians to some ultimate life questions. Myths are important as they preserve and hand on the cultural identity of a group in a story form. Myths make a story realiable and easier to communicate. The values myths present are more important.

Ruldolph Bultmann: The significance of myths is that they communicate values and beliefs. The imagery of myths however come from the culture of origin.

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