Music - Western and Classical Music

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Boroque composers use MAJOR and MINOR keys 

They found that MODULATING was a good way to create contrast in music 

New structures such as BINARY, TERNANRY, RONDO, VARIATION forms were created to organise music.

You can recognise Baroque music by:

  • the dynamics as they change suddenly. Thery are always either loud or soft not inbetween or any gradual changes.
  • Melodies are built up through motifs, so there is a lot of repitition.
  • Simple Harmonies 
  • Lots of ornaments 
  • Texture which is contrapuntal or polyphonic
  • a Basso Continuo 
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Classical music grew out of baroque music, so its very similar but not the same:

  • Less ornaments 
  • Basic forms and Sonata form
  • More subtle dynamics using crescendos and diminuendos. It doesn't just change suddenly
  • Memorable melodies which are more basic 
  • The piano was invented and the orchestra got bigger
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Baroque and Classical Forms


Two contrasting sections which are played twice. Section A then Section B, so the form is like this: AABB.


Three parts, each section repeats. It goes like this: AABBAA.  

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