Structure in western classical music

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Structure in Western Classical music (1600-1899)
Ground base:
A theme in base part repeated throughout the movement. The bass
part repeats these phrases only ­ it plays no other music.
Each time the bass part/phrase is repeated, a new melody is played ­
forming a set of variations. The melodies correspond with the ground
The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra ­ Benjamin Britten
Piano Concerto No.24 in C minor, 3rd movement
Ternary Form:
Knecht Ruprecht ­ Schumann
Little Folk Song ­ Schumann
Three distinct sections ­ A B A
Began in the baroque period.
Rondo Form:
Means going round.
Les Moissonneurs (The Harvesters) ­ Couperin


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