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World Music- Indian/African & Fusion e.g. Bollywood

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Indian Bhangra

Bhangra is a very old folk dance, one of the oldest in the world. It originates from Punjab in India, and was sung at the end of harvest seasons by farmers in thanks and as celebration.

Key Features

  • Rhythms played on a Dhol- A double barreled drum, played with two sticks.
  • Introduced to the UK in the 70s. Western instruments were then added e.g. Bass, Guitar etc.
  • Nowadays, the looped beat of the Dhol is played on a drum machine.
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Indian Classical Music

Classical music in India is very old. It was developed in Temples and royal places over 2000 years ago. It is closely related to the religion of Hinduism, therefore having a spiritual significance.

There are normally 3 parts to Indian Classical Music:

  • The Raga
  • The Tala
  • The Drone
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The Raga

  • Played by a singer or the solo instrument.
  • The solo instrument is often a Sitar.
  • The Sitar is also the best known for instrumental improvisation.
  • The Sitar has a Gourd Sound Box, a long neck and movable Frets.
  • The Sitar has 7 main strings, one of which is used to play the melody, whilst the others are used as Drone strings.
  • The 'Melody String' is often bent to produce other notes.
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