Music for special events

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Music for Formal events

Fanfares sound important and royal, they are normally played at things like coronations. They are mostly played on brass instruments. The tunes are based on simple chords and rhythms are normally simple.

Operas are plays that are sung, the recitative is where the plot unfolds and the music follows the words. Arias are written for solo singers to show their skills. Oratorios are religious operas.

Odes are poetry set to music they are often written in praise of something.

An Overture is a piece of interductory music for a play or opera, they are also played before dance suites.

A National Anthem represents the country it is meant to be easy for everyone to remember and sing.

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Music for informal events

There are simple happy tunes suited for occasions that everyody has like Happy Birthday or Auld Lang Syne for the new year. These are catchy and everyone knows them so it is simple to play or sing.

The music is suited to occasions and so music to dance to must be fast around 120-180bpm and protest songs the words are important and the music must suit the opinion of the song.

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