Mozart and classical music


Mozart and Classical Music

Mozart and Classical Music

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Operas where split into two sections: Recitative and Aria.

Aria: Which is the syllabic part.

Recitative:Sad and melismatic

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Classical music

  • Classical music is simple, super functional and has 4 bar, regular phrasing.
  • They have to modulate to the dominant, the relative major or minor.
  • The piano comes in and replaces the harpsichord as the harpsichord is not as versatile as the piano.
  • Brass instruments with valves were invented and there were clarinets, bassoons and oboes.
  • As result orchestras grew larger because of the more instruments that were being introduced.
  • The harmony is in melody dominated homophony.
  • More dynamics started to come in, such as crescendos and diminuendos.
  • They had sections of contrast and variety
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