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Christians and suicide

Christian beliefs about suicide

Human life is sacred and the human body is a 'temple for the Holy Spirit'; the same rules that apply to killing other people could also be applied to the way in which people treat themselves

Life is a gift from God and God has plans for how everyone's life will go; ending it prematurely is a sign of a lack of faith in God

Suicide is univerally agreedto be a sin, but there is a disagreement over weather it is a sin God will regard with compassion or not

The Bible does not actually specify the final destination of suicides

Catholic beliefs

Suicide is a mortal sin that will result in the persons soul going to hell

Suicide is a rejection to God's gifts

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Christian views on euthanasia

Christian views on euthanasia

Active euthanasia is regarded as wrong by most Christians becuase:

Killing is wrong regardless of motive

Taking life is the prerogative of God and euthanasia interferes with that prerogative

There is purpose to everything that happens and people live until their death as part of Gods purpose

Passive euthanasia is much more likely to be viewed acceptable to Christians becuase:

There is no obligation to try to keep people alive in all circumstances

If God wishes for that person to live then God can still act to keep them alive

Prolonging a life of suffering is not as loving and compassionate an act as allowing someone to die with dignity

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Catholic views on Civil Partnerships

Catholic views on Civil Partnerships

Regard the marriage ceremony as a sacrement

A marriage can not be dissolved; A couple who have been through a true ceremony have become 'One Flesh' and can not be seperated

People who have been through a ceremony that does not fit the requirements of a Catholic ceremony are not married in the eyes of the Catholic church

Couples who are having sexual relationship without having been through a Catholic wedding ceremony are committing adultry in the eyes of the Catholic church

Teach that homosexuality is a 'call to celibacy'- a message from God that you should not engage in a sexual relationship

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Protestant views on Civil Partnerships

Protestant views on Civil Partnerships

Marriage is not a sacrement

Ceremonies that were not conducted within the church itself are more likely to be regardered as 'real' and acceptable to create a marriage

Any form of marriage as long as it is taken seriouslyis a good thing

Welcome to allow homosexual partnerships to fully commit to eachother

A full wedding ceremony for homosexual couples is not currently permitted by the Church of England so couples that wish to be married in the eyes of God as well as the law are still unable to do so

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Roles of men and women in Christianity

Why men and women have different roles

Adam was made first and Eve was made specifically to be a companion and support him

Eve was tempted to eat the fruit, which had been forbidden by Go; she is therefore responsible for the Fall from grace and is morally weaker than Adam

All humanity has inheritd these traits from Adam and Eve

Women are physically different from men; they can bear children and are bettter suited to look after young children because they can breastfeed ect

Christians who have this view do not say men are better than women, they say God values both genders equally but has created different purposes for them

Both genders share responsibility for thier childrens spiritual welfare

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Roles of men and women in modern Christianity

Roles of men and women in modern Christianity

Many modern Christians believe men and women should have equal responsibilities if:

They have a child they have both participated in creating it and should both share in its care

Both partners want to work there is no reason why they shouldn't

Ways they back up their views:

Modern society is very dofferent from when it was when the bible was written

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The end of a marriage

The end of a marriage

Means severing the bonds between the partners:

The emotional bond is servered by the end of love

The legal bond is severed by going through the legal process that results in a record of the end of a marriage

The spiritual bond is the one that arguably cannot be severed

The way that marriages are suppose to end is with the death of one of the partners

There are two other legal ways to bring this about: Divorce, annulment

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Ending a Christian marriage

Ending a Christian marriage

All Christians believe that marriage is for life but they have different viewpoints on weather it can be  dissolved or not.

Roman Catholics:

Marriage is a sacrament that cannot be undone

Partners may choose to live seperatly but the church will not recognise it as a divorce

Legally divorced Catholic couples are still regardered as married by the church:

If they remarry while their previous partner is still living they are regarded as living in a state of sin

In certain circumstances a marriage may be annulled

Other Christians:

Divorce may sometimes be allowed

If couples believe their problems are insoulable and if all other options fail the church may say divorce is the best option

Christian churches often offer marriage guidence counselling to help prevent couples divorcing

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Sexual relationships for Christians

Sexual relationships for Christians

Many Christains believe sex should only take place in marriage because:

The body is a 'Temple of the Holy Spirit' and so should be treated with respect

Sex has a purpose designed by God- to create children and to strengthen the bond between married couples

Sex was meant to be secial so casual sex denies this

Other Christians believe these views are old fashioned and dissagree with them because:

The main message of christianity is to love eachother

Sex is a pleasurable thing and is a gift from God

Catholics believe that a celibrate lifestyle is one that is especially pleasing to God

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Homosexual relationships

Homosexual relationships

Some Christians believe homosexual couples can be in loving relationships and this is acceptable to the church

Other churches condem homosexuality outright as a sin, even in a long term relationship

Some churches may make a distinction between 'active' homosexuals and those people who have homosexual 'urges' but remain celibate, they would argue that:

Acting on homosexual urges is a sin in the eyes of God

Homosexuality is a 'call' from God to live a celibate lifestyle

Celibate homosexuals are not sinning as they are not responsible for how they feel

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