RE Unit 1

How the media can effect a Belief in God

  • Conversion             
  • Strengthen a belief in God
  • May give a negative veiw of God (showing he's not just or loving)
  • The media may provide evidence thet God doesnt exist so a person could decide not to worship him                                                              
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Christans and Sex outside of marriage

For Premarital Sex

  • Not everyone wants to marry
  • My must have sex out side of marriage to see iof you have chemistry
  • Contaceptives are availabe so you can have premarital sex
  • Sex is enjoybale

Against Premarital sex

  • God created sex for marriage only
  • Sex should be saved dor someone special
  • Children should be raised in a family where parents are married
  • Sleeping around can lead to STDs
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Religious Experiences leading to a Belief in God

Numinous- When you meet with God you are convinced he's real

Miracles- It can only be explained by God

Conversion- God has changed their life, he must be real

Prayer- People pray directly to god and when your prayers are awnsered you believe only god can do that.

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Argument for Causation


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Christian responses to unanswered Prayer

Christian responses to unanswered Prayer-

  • God is too Complex for humans to unserstand
  • God cannot answer every prayer at once as life would be chaos
  • God Gave humans free will and cannot control what they do by answering their prayers
  • Believers have to have complete faith in God for him to answer his prayers
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Religious Upbringings

Sunday School- Children's belief in god would be supported and they can understand why Christians believe in God and what they believe in.

Confirmation- This would support belief in God as it could lead to a religious experience and support your belief as they learn more about him.

Prayer- This would make children believe that God listens and as they have seen their parents do it they would follow their example. Because they have been brought up praying, they believe God must exist.

Church school- This would support a belief in God as they would be tought alot about God and tought everything with a Christian spin on it- and its tought as it it was true.

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Argument for Design


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Unanswered Prayer leading to atheism

Impacts of unanswered Prayer

  • Makes people think they arent close enough to god
  • Makes people think God does not exist because he either isnt all loving/ powerful or isnt real
  • God isnt what they thought he was
  • Makes them doubt God as he hasn't helped them properely
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Muslims and Sex outside of marriage

Most muslims are against sex Outside of Marriage

  • 'Adultery is a sin'
  • Children should only be bon in marriage
  • The purpose of sex is to have children
  • The Qur'an Forbids it
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Christans and Contraception

For Contraception:

  • Allows people to plan their family
  • Allows couples to have sex without worry
  • Protects the mother
  • God made sex to enjoy

Against Contraception:

  • Interferes with Gods Plan
  • God made sex for children: ''Be fruitful and Multiply''
  • Catholics decribe it at ''evil''
  • God has a plan for every child
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Christans and Homosexuality

For Homosexulaity (Liberal Christians)

  • Complete equality and acceptance in the church
  • The bible should be interpreted in modern light
  • Some people are born gay
  • God teaches you to love everyone so Christians should still accept homosexuality

Against Homosexuality (Roman Catholics)

  • The bible says it's wrong
  • Homosexual activity is a sin
  • God Created man and woman in genisis, they are made to be togeher
  • God made marriage for children, homosexuals cannot procreate
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Muslims and Divoce

Divorce is allowed in Islam, but as a Last resort.

  • Sometimes marriages break down
  • If the marriage brings sadness to the couple, children and relitives it is allowed
  • If there is violence divorce is allowd
  • Marriage is a legal contract which can be ended
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Muslims and Family Life

Muslims believe Family life is very important:

  • Famlilies are meant to care for eachother, it says in the Qur'an Allah will reward you if you do.
  • The mother's role is to teach children how to be a good muslim ''paradise lies at the feet of your mother''
  • Parents should teach their children how to be well behaved
  • Children should honour their parents too and give back to them when they get old.
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Christans and Divoce

Arguments For Divorce (CofE) -

  • It is better to divorce than to live in hatred all the time
  • It is allowed for adultery
  • It is allowed with the support of the church
  • Some relationships break down- divorce is sometimes the best

Arguments Against Divorce (Roman Catholics) -

  • The marriage vows say marriage is meant until death
  • Marriage is Holy and Blessed by God
  • Jesus was against it
  • God planned for both people to be together.
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Muslims and Contraception

For Contraception:

  • Protects the health of the mother
  • Limits family size, Allah did not want to burden people with large families, it says this in the Qur'an
  • Allows muslims to plan
  • Withdrawal methord was allowed by muhammed

Against Contraception:

  • Muslims duty to have large families
  • Goes against the will of God
  • Allah created sex to have children
  • Muslims are against abortion and therefore are against of any other way of reducing pregnancy.
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Christans and Family Life

Family life is very Important to Christians:

  • Family is where Children are bought up to believe in God
  • Family is where Childrent are tought morals
  • Family is Created by God
  • ''Honour your father and mother''
  • Jesus loved little children, parents should love their children like Jesus did.
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