Miracles and God

how miracles can either prove or disprove God.

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How do miracles prove God's existence?

  • completely defy nature or seem impossible. God made the universe so he's the one that could go against it.
  • there's only on entity powerful enough to make them happen, just like he's the only one powerful enough to create the universe
  • miracles can be personal things so can make one person believe in God and miracles but not others. However it's one extra person who believes in God
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What are the problems with using miracles to prove

  • it's very difficult to explain a miracle to someone if they havent seen it before themselves therefore they would not make this person believe in them or God
  • miracles have to be created by someone but why God? Why couldn't humans have created them? (like Buddhists believe)
  • we now have scientific evidence for the miracles that happened years ago so in 20 years we may have scientific evidence for the Mira les that are happening now
  • what a miracle is to one person may not be a miracle to another person therefore can make one peron believe but perhaps not others
  • how do we know it's not just coincidence?
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