Would God perform miracles?

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  • Would God perform Miracles?
    • Yes. Miracles can end the physical/ emotional suffering of others. This is something God would desire as God is all loving.
    • Yes. Miracles can confirm and reward faith. This shows God's loving nature.
      • No. Miracles affect people in different ways, sometimes it can be negative. If God performed miracles, surely he would want them to have a positive effect?
      • No. Not all miracles confirm faith and if they did, God would be unjust.
    • Yes. Miracles can change the direction or focus of a persons life. If this prevents suffering/ emotional turmoil then it is loving which is a characteristic of God.
      • No. if God ends some people's suffering and not others that is unfair of God.
      • No. People in poor countries would experience miracles to prevent the suffering in their life, but not many have.


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