Miles Davis - All Blues

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General Information

  • The Entire Album was recorded in 3 x 3hour sessions in New York in 1959. They used no score and did no rehersal; they knew: The Chord sequence:Which modes to play:Where to improvise and for how long:Number of Solos:Basic Structure of the Piece
  • Soloists never solo at the same time
  • The link gives the music time to breathe, contrast in texture between each section and builds up a sense of anticiption
  • The Bass part repeats throughout the piece so as to not take away from the solos
  • Drums provide a constantly shifting backing by improvising a highly syncopated snare drum part whilst also giving a steady beat throughout on the ride cymbal
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  • 12 Bar Blues Form
  • Riff, Head (1,2,3,4), Solo (each instrument) for either 4 x12 bars or 2 x 12 bars (piano)
  • Head mainly Trumpet
  • Riff Repeats Again
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  • Head Melody (rising 6ths) Trumpet (start + end of piece ) (simple)
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  • Trumpet
  • Tenor Sax (Horn)
  • Alto Sax (Horn)
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Drums
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  • Chord Pattern : G7,      G7        G7      G7

                               C7       C7         G7     G7

                               D7#9   Eb7#9   G7     G7


  • Modal Jazz -> Mixolydian Mode
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Rhythm and texture

  • Time Signiture 6/4 (  described as Jazz Waltz)
  • Swung Quavers
  • Synocopation
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Instumental Techniques

  • Muted Trumpet (at the Beginning)
  • Drums Played with Brushes (at the Beginning)
  • Comping (Accompanying) by Pianist
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