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  • All Blues - Miles Davis
    • Recorded in 1959 in 3 session in New York
    • Early example of stereo recording
    • Instruments
      • The group was a sextet - Miles Davis - Harmon muted Trumpet
      • Alto and Tenor Saxes playing an accompaniment riff (comping) in 3rds
      • Snare with brushes and cymbal, plays a steady beat and keeps the rhythm
      • Double bass played pizzicato
      • Piano plays riffs
      • Trumpet, both saxes and the piano have a solo (head)
    • Tonality and Harmony
      • 12 bar blues (progression of chords normally I,IV,V - Miles Davis changes it).
      • Chords with added 7ths and 9ths
      • Modal Jazz - jazz scales have flattened, chromatic 'blue' notes typically on 3rd and 7th notes)
      • Altered chords
      • This is actually the mixolydian mode on G
    • Style of Performance
      • Improvised - the score is transcribed from the recording
      • Swung rhythms (especially quavers)
    • Metre and Rhythm
      • 6/4
      • Jazz Waltz
      • Moderate pace
    • Structure
      • Based on the 12 bar blues chord pattern


Samuel Richardson


A clean and concise mindmap covering the essentail aspects of 'All Blues' by Miles Davis. Some simple points, and some more complex ideas are included. 



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