Migration History

Timeline of migration history affecting the UK

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Pre-1066 - Invasion

A succession of invading forces brought new people and their cultures to what is modern-day Britain. 

These include:

  • Romans
  • Jutes
  • Angles
  • Saxons
  • Vikings
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1066 - Hastings

The Normans invade Britain and become the dominant force. Their legacy laid the foundations of the Britain we live in today.

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1685 - French prosecution

Religious persecution forces 100,000 Huguenots (French protestants) to leave France for Britain

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1840 - Famine

Widespread famine forces thousands of people to leave Ireland. Many come to Britain.

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1848 - Revolution

With a spate of revolutions breaking out in mainland Europe, Britain becomes the destination of choice for many refugees.

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1880 - Prosecution

Fleeing oppression in Europe, hundreds of thousands of Jews seek sanctuary in Britain

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1914 - World War One

The First World War creates huge numbers of refugees, many of whom choose to escape mainland Europe and come to Britain.

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1939 - World War Two

Again with the outbreak of the Second World War, refugees seek to escape Nazi rule and the fighting by travelling to the UK.

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1946 - Rise of Communism

Hundreds of thousands of people from across Eastern Europe seek refuge in the UK following the establishment of Communism.

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1948 - Aftermath

Many West Indians decide to settle in Britain, which needs to boost its depleted workforce after WW2.

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1972 - Uganda

28,000 Ugandan Asians settle in the UK after being expelled from Uganda.

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1978 - South East Asia

Political unrest and war in South-East Asia results in many seeking a new life in Britain.

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1980 - Work Opportunities

Attracted by opportunities for those with specialist skills and professional training, large numbers of Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans move to the UK.

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1982 - Unrest in Balkans

Ethnic disputes in the Balkans force thousands to seek refuge in Western Europe. Many seek asylum in the UK.

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During these years 45,000 people arrive from Africa, 22,700 from the Indian sub-continent and 25,000 from Asia

[Note: Sorry about not including the date. I missed it out in my notes.]

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2002 - Middle East

Asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Iraq, economic migrants from Eastern Europe due to E.U. enlargement.

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