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  • Consequences of migration
    • Assimilation - Adoption of cultural traits of a host country by a minority/ migrant group - Polish moving to UK and eating Fish and Chips. Irish 1991 become un-ghettoised
      • Inter-marriage of Irish and British people (1991)
      • Diaspora of Muslims and Sikh's tend to focus together - move near to a place of worship.
      • Dietary differences- Asian's In TOOTING may want to live near halal butchers.
      • HISTORY - Anglo-Saxon, vikings, Celtic, roman, Norman, formed the ~British Language.
      • BLACK - 2.2-3.4%
      • ASIAN - 4.8-7.5%
      • WHITE (not UK) - 3.8-5.3%
    • political tensions and migration
      • NATIONAL SECURITY - Trump suggests we ban Muslims from USA to prevent ISIS attacks (2016)
      • ECONOMIC IMPACTS - NYC workers work long hours for low pay.
      • DEMOGRAPHIC IMPACTS - High birth rate of foreigners changes population composition. Today, 60 million HISPANIC people in the USA (1/5th of population).
      • Mexico and USA - 8 million unauthorised workers. President thinks the best solution is to build a wall.
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  • 2001-2011 consensus.


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