Globalisation Basics

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  • Globalisation Basics
    • History of Globalisation
      • Countries and continents have always been connected in economic, cultural and political ways.
      • Trade - Movement of goods ( Production -> consumption) e.g. Silk Road.
      • Co-Operation - post war organisation to avoid wars e.g. UN.
      • Colonialism - Political control through military e.g. British Empire.
    • Globalisation flows and forces
      • Free trade and neo-liberalism.
      • Co-Operations.
      • Trade.
      • Migration.
      • Social Media
      • Improved Transport.
      • Improved Technology.
      • TNCs and Influences.
      • Cultural knowledge and languages.
    • Globalisation definition
      • Globalisation is the process by which people, thier cultures, money, goods, services, tevhnology, ideas andf information can be trnsferred between countries with few or no trade barriers.
      • Interconnected - the linking of places, environments and spatial patterns either by tangible links such as political, economic systems or electronic sysytems.
      • The increasing reliance of companies and countries on the developing and manufacturing of goods from other coutries.


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