Methods of production


Job production;

Is a single, unique product made to meet the clients specifications.
So usually an occasional dress for a wedding or prom. 

Benefits are;
High quality,
and perfect fit,

Limitations are;
Long production time,
and high cost.  

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Batch production;

Is making a specific number of identical items produced in a set time period.
So usually cushions or hats.

Benefits are;
Cheap production,
Materials bought in bulk, 
and complex designs.

Limitations are;
Storage space,
Standard size,
and identical products. 

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Continuous production;

Is used to make large quantities of identical items 24 7.
Normally called mass production and used to produce underwear.

Benefits are;
Low cost per item,
Lots of items,
and less employees.

Limitations are;
Expensive equipment,
Simple designs,
and if the machines fail, it takes alot of time to fix them. 

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Just In Time production;

Is ordering a small amount of materials frequently for use straight away.

Benefits are;
Avoids waste,
Saves cost of storage,
Up to date,
and can adapt to fashion. 

Limitations are; 
Tight delivery schedule,
Materials arrive on time,
and must be fault free. 

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