Production methods (mass, batch, one off and jit)

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  • Production methods
    • One off
      • Labour and material costs are high
      • To the clients specification
      • High level of skills needed
      • An example is a made to measure wedding dress
    • Mass production
      • Creates large quantities
      • Made on a production line
      • Often over seas
      • An example are socks
      • Standard methods that do not need to be changed
    • Batch production
      • Set quanities that are manufactured to order
      • Requires high levels of design, pattern making and sampling
      • Cost effective materials
      • Designed to fit a rang of shapes and sizes
      • An example would be 2000 jumpers for a department store
    • Just in time (JIT)
      • When materials arrive when needed
      • A system that orders in materials when supplies are low


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