Meltwater landforms

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Example: Great Esker Park, Massachusetts (highest in North America)

Produced by running meltwarer in or under a glacier in a river or stream form 

The meltwater will deposit material it is carrying (materail may have been produced by freeze-thaw)

As the glacial retreats due to ablation linear mounds of sand ang gravel are left snaking their way across the landscape. 

Zone of ablaion at the front of the glacier

Zone of accumilation at the other end of the glacier 

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Example: Dude Hill, Yellowstone

Freeze-thaw of the valley causes rock fall into the glacier

The sands/gravels/sediments are washed into crevasses in the glacier

As deglacation occurs the crevasses move down closer and closer to the base as the glacier melts

When the glacier has almost melted the maretial is deposited onto the bed as a mound of sediment 

A conical flat topped hill remains

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