Periglacial Landforms

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  • Periglacial Landforms
    • Ice Wedges
      • 1) When permafrost contracts in extremely low temperatures,cracks develop
      • 2) During the simmer, meltwater flows into these cracks and fills them up
      • 3) The meltwater refreezes in the winter to form ice wedges, which expand and force cracks to widen
    • Patterened Ground
      • As  ice wedges become more extensive, a polygonal pattern may be formed on the ground surface
    • Solifluction
      • The downslope movement of rock and soil material in response to gravity
      • Usually occurs in areas where there is a thick and saturated active layer
    • Pingos
      • Dome-shaped hills which may rise to around 50metres above the landscape
      • 1) As sediment gradually freezes during the early winter, the water becomes confined and its pressure increases
      • 2) Eventually the trapped water freezes and expands forcing the sediment on top to go upwards


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