Fluvioglacial Depositional Landforms

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There are two types of Fluvioglacial deposition:

Ice contact stratified drift: Deposition by meltwater streams that are in contact with the glacier.

Proglacial: Deposition by meltwater streams in front of the glacier on the outwash plain.

Ice contact stratified drift Landforms

Kames: Formed when meltwater streams on the surface of the glacier deposit material in depressions. When the Ice melts, this is deposited on the valley floor.

Kame Terraces: Lines of kames along the edge of the valley.

Eskers: These are formed when sub-glacial meltwater streams deposit layers of sediment in the small tunnels through which they flow. When the ice melts, a sinuous, stratified line of sediment is left.


Kettle Holes: Pieces of ice break from the glacier and are carried down the meltwater streams. They…


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