New Media

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    • Features of New Media(Lister et al
      • Digitality
      • Hypertextuality
      • interactivity
      • Dispersal
      • Virtuality
      • Convergence
      • Compression
      • Shapiro(1999)-argues that the development of digital technologies is a radical shift on who control info, experiences info and resources info
      • Who uses the new media?
        • new media is taking over traditional media as a means of mass communication
    • Neophiliacs Perspective of New Media
      • Curran and Seaton(2010)
      • Positive perspective-postmodernism
      • increases consumer choice
      • access to high culture
      • greater democracy
      • Global Village-McLuhan
      • Social Life-Boyle
    • Cultural pessimists perspective of New Media
      • Negative perspective
      • Lack of regulation
      • Not so new media-Conford and Robins(1999)
      • Media imperialism
      • threat to democracy-Conford and Robins
      • Decline in quality in popular culture
    • Divides in Media Usage
      • A Generation Divide
        • Boyle-associated with the young people as they grow up the new technology
        • Ofcom-the younger generation: have greater internet usage, have internet at home, use it differently to older generation
      • A Class Divide
        • Working class would be excluded from new media
          • due to material deprivation
          • Helsper-showed a digital underclass is emerging-those with lower education, unemplyed are lagging behind in internet usage
      • A Gender Divide
        • Ofcom- girls are likely to have mobile phones, magazines, boys=video games, games consoles
        • Li and Kirkup-women use more emails and chatrooms and men, computer rooms


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