McCarthy's Downfall

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  • McCarthy's Downfall
    • 1953 - McCarthy turned on the Army
      • Accused it of covering up communist infiltration
      • 1954 - Army-McCarthy Hearings
        • Televised nationwide
        • Bullying of witnesses turned public opinion against him
      • Joseph Welch humiliated McCarthy with his famously frustrated 'Have you no decency, sir?'
    • Ed Murrow's 'See It Now'
      • First TV show to publicly criticise McCarthy
      • Took apart his accusations on TV
      • Often credited with being the start of McCarthy's demise
    • December 1954 - Senate voted to 67-22 to censure him
    • Arthur Miller wrote 'The Crucible' as a metaphor for McCarthy's communist witch hunts
    • Eisenhower withdrew his support for McCarthy
      • 'McCarthy-ism has become McCarthy-wasm!'


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