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  • McCarthyism
    • The movement was lead by Senator Joseph McCarthy
    • It was a movement against US communists in the 1950s
    • People that were suspected of supporting communism were publicly accused
      • Frequently lost their jobs
      • Some went to prison
      • Some were sentenced to death
    • Encouraged people to give information about anybody they thought supported communism
      • Communist sympathizers went through aggressive investigations
      • False accusations meant that people were blacklisted, which made it imppossible for them to find work
    • McCarthy made a speech claiming to have the names of over 200 communists in the state department
      • Got the names from a report from the FBI
      • Claimed that there were communists in the govournment
      • Many people in the entertainment industry were accused of supporting communism
        • Studio bosses refused to employ anyone that supported the reds
    • Captain America returned as a result of the public mood towards the red scare
    • Many people condemned the methods used by McCarthy
      • Eg. Americas leading playwright Arthur Miller and his play "The Crucible"
      • Many newspapers produced articles that damaged MC's credibility
      • Eg. Ed Murrow attacking MC on his TV show
    • After 4 years McCarthyism lost popularity
      • Turning point when he began to attack the army
      • Repeatedly humiliated in the media
      • Still strong anti-communist feeling in the USA
        • But the methods used by MC were no longer accepted


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