Mass Participation


Breif UK and USA comparison and summary

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Mass Participation USA


mass participation rates are generally lower (especially in sports related PA - maybe due to climate)

Individual sports have higher participation rates than team game similarly to the UK

Men partcicipate in sport more than women like the UK

from the 1950s high gym and jogging rate (transferred more recently to the UK)

Big pilates impact (greatest change in popularity)

walking, weight lifting, treadmill jogging and stretching are the most popular in terms of MP

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MP USA continued

Obesity problems

- links with MP rates, due to culture of lombardianism it effects who participates.

- not good enough, pressure to win, im not going to win attitudes prevent some from taking part

- 15% 16-19 year olds clinically obese and 40 million people on the whole are obese

- 75% of americans dont reach the basic PA recommendations

- 25% of americans are completely sedentary

- sport is all eltiist in america, due to coaches leadership and their general ethic.

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Mass Participation UK

UK    before olympics, MP has risen by 400,000

75% of people participate in PA

individual based sports have higher participation rates

men participate more than women (but women prefer swimming and fitness activities). young people participate more in the UK

amateur ethos and teams are like community teams.. they need funding which is mainly voluntery or paying subs. Most clubs do get private funding such as a sponsor or even public funding for facilities.

We have more stratergies to promote MP, mostly run by sport england. sports match is a scheme.. you write a proposal and equal the funding you make. (you raise 1000, they will give you 1000 in terms of funding). They also run mass particiation projects to target minority groups

NGBs are also responsible for running MP initatives in their sport (e.g. FA with mcdees in local communities)

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